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One of my business values is that generosity always wins. Rather than dumping my best free stuff into a PDF and locking it behind an email opt-in form, I prefer to leave it all here for you to enjoy at your own pace. If you love what you read here and want deeper insights into the topics covered in my blog posts, then my email list is probably the best next step for you!

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Why I got rid of all my freebies

In May of 2024, I shared on social media that I got rid of all my freebies, and have received tons of interest and questions as to why. I had workshops, PDFs, downloads, etc. and I got rid of all of them. Unless you’re some crazy detective (in which case I’ll be thoroughly impressed!) you […]

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Deep down, we all just want to connect with other people who light up about the same stuff as us

We all want to be part of something bigger, even if it’s about something small. Whether it’s a favorite lip product or navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, any brand can offer their audience a flag to rally behind and say, “people like us do things like this.” Consumers are actively searching for businesses that deliver them real, sustained value over time.

The way forward is to create a world people can connect with and feel seen by. Where they can understand that they are not alone. Creating a brand world gives your audience agency to explore at their own pace and raise their hand when they are ready to say, “I want to be part of the story you’re writing.” 

If this approach to marketing and business resonates with you, I think you’ll fit in really well around here. When you’re ready, the best place to start is my Build Your Brand World email series. Check it out below.

Build Your Brand World

I believe marketing becomes enjoyable for everyone when brands put people first

I am in the business of forming relationships with other humans who share my values and want to join me on the journey of building a world based in connection. Welcome in to my  little cozy world, where I believe in putting people first and offering value with no strings attached. 


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