You can grow your business by doing the things that light you up, without having to compromise on that dream life you envisioned when you started this whole entrepreneurship journey.

The dream life we imagine and work for isn’t just the results we get, it’s also the daily actions we take on the road to getting those results.

The daily work is what creates our life. Why would we trap ourselves in a marketing prison of daily work that we hate?

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” and all that 😉

Rather than constantly strategizing our way to sales doing things that make us miserable, we can lean into our values to connect with people who absolutely LOVE what we have to say & can’t wait to hear from us again.

We do this by creating a world that people want to be part of.

Worldbuilding involves connecting our brand to values, goals, initiatives, and worldviews by answering the question “what is a life well-lived, according to people like us?”

When we answer this question, we plant a flag in the ground that we can rally around with our audience.

This is our way of claiming “people like us do things like this” and it gives the people who share our worldview something meaningful to be a part of.

The result is a gravitational force (an invisible string, if you will 😌) that pulls people into our world and creates an emotional tug to keep them coming back for more.

The coolest part about building a brand world is that as a marketer, a creative, a world builder — a human — WE get to decide what our own rules are and attract an audience of people who align with us.

We no longer feel like we have to convince people to buy our offer because we have connected with them about something more meaningful and long-term.

We can stop chasing strategies & tactics because our world draws people in for us. Reels hooks & email subject lines become fun things to test and play with rather than the make-or-break focus of our day.

The principles I’ll cover in this series could be applied to any number of strategies and platforms. The what is up to you to decide.

I’m going to show you the why and the how so that you can tailor it to your own strengths and interests.

In this week long email series, you’ll find insights and principles that you can use to start creating your brand world and inviting people in.

You’ll be venturing deeper into my little cozy world, where I believe in putting people first and offering value with no strings attached.

If you pay attention, not just to what I am doing, but how I am doing it, you’ll walk away with a whole new idea of what’s possible for you.

This is me extending my hand, offering for you to take it and come along with me as I walk you through building your brand world.

Whether you reach your hand out in return is up to you, but if you resonated with what you read on this page… I think you’ll be thrilled with what comes next.

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Future Possibilities

Do you ever feel like you WANT to do something, but you can’t? 

Like you want to post a certain piece of content, or you want to create a certain offer, but you hold yourself back because everyone online who “has it figured out” says it’s not the right move?

I’m willing to bet that you, like me, often feel backed into a corner, forced to compromise (yet again) on how you actually want to run your business.

Whether it’s that weekly newsletter you dread sending where you share a random story from your life & tie it back to your offer (oh, and don’t forget to start the story in the middle to spark curiosity 😅), or the social platform you begrudgingly post on because everyone else tells you it’s the only way to grow these days.

We’ve all been there, and it looks different for each of us. Because, newsflash, we are all unique individuals with different strengths.

We should be able to grow our business according to those strengths.

You probably started your business because you have a passion. You want to experience financial success while offering meaningful solutions to awesome people.

But somewhere along the way, the demands of the online marketing beast have you feeling like you’re nothing more than a content churning machine shouting into the void.

You are tired of being marketed to in a way that exhausts you and makes you feel like you are never doing enough.

You can tell your audience feels the same way.

Your audience is made up of smart, intuitive humans and the explosion of online marketing has made them skeptical. They are burned out from too many over-hyped products and the constant scarcity messaging of launch after launch happening on their timelines.

There is a way to do more peaceful, enjoyable marketing that feels like a breath of fresh air for you and your audience.

All you have to do is choose it.

The Current Reality

Worldbuilding is the heartbeat of every single thing I do in my business.

If you stick around for the entirety of this series, I can promise that you'll never be able to think about marketing the same.

I’m going to take you step-by-step through the process of building a brand world, and the insights just get juicier and more rewarding the longer you stick around.

For the right people, what you’ll read in this email series will feel like a warm hug and a soothing balm for your constantly-marketed-to sweet soul.

If you feel burned out by your current marketing and messaging approach but simply don’t know where to look for an alternative, this is for you.

Worldbuilding is what allows small creators like you (and me) to make meaningful connections with an audience of awesome people while doing only the type of marketing that feels the most energizing for you.

That’s because brand world building is about leaning into YOUR strengths and values to market your business in a way that feels exciting for you and inviting for your audience.

The introduction on this page will give you the context and the birds-eye view needed to get the most out of this series, so it’s important to read this through to the end.

Put your critical thinking hat on and let’s dive in.

Learn how to create an audience of true fans who can’t get enough of your brand

Build Your Brand World

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