Hey, I'm Addy! And design & websites are kinda my jam

I'm here to teach YOU about people-first marketing and user-first websites so you can create a more successful & engaging online business. My goal is to fill the knowledge gap surrounding UX for creative entrepreneurs, because it's a topic that is critical for your bottom line, your conversions and your customer satisfaction. 

I've designed dozens of brands & websites for woman-owned businesses and spent time in the corporate world as a UX designer

The products I’ve created and worked on are used by global brands like Disney, Six Flags, Carnival Cruise Line, and Legoland… just to name a few!

I’m also a sucker for an afternoon pick-me-up beverage (always iced), a former pro photographer, and my husband jokes that my blood is made of açaí. 

Being a mom to my 2 year old girl is my favorite thing ever, and anything that doesn’t get me closer to spending all my time with her simply doesn’t make the cut.

This is why the Showit website templates I design are built on UX principles, implemented in a way that will work best for your small business

User experience is the cornerstone of a loyal and engaged customer base. (it’s more than just a vague, tech-y buzzword 😉). It’s a powerful tool that can increase your conversion rate by up to 400% and create loyal, repeat customers.

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(In his defense, he lived halfway across the world and his US visa application had just been denied)

This all started when my now-husband proposed to me over the phone 2 weeks before I graduated college

A month after that call, I flew across the world with 2 suitcases and landed in my new home - a small city on the Amazon River

After a rainy tropical wedding, real life hit and I realized I needed to find a way to make money in a country where I didn’t speak the language yet. And that’s when Encontro was born! What began as a photography biz soon turned into a brand & web studio for women around the world

A few years, a baby, and an international move later, I found myself working as a UX designer to sponsor my husband as he went through immigration here in Texas. Now it’s my mission to bring this knowledge to you so you can create a more engaging and successful website.

I’m here to help you step into your role as a LEADER and EXPERT in your industry

Build Your Brand World Series

Create a brand world that invites your audience in & attracts true fans who can't wait to show up for your brand

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Showit Website Templates

Get yourself a website that actually brings in sales and screams, “holy crap, this girl knows what she is doing!”

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A few more fun things about me

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, our 2 year old daughter, & our siamese cat named Luna!
All 3 of them are Brazilian... I'm the only full Americana in the house 🇧🇷

I rarely drink hot drinks. It can be single digit temps outside and you’ll catch me with an iced coffee or matcha frozen to my hand. And always unsweet, btw 😉

I was always “the art kid” growing up, but I never knew I could design things for a living and make real money. All I ever heard about was the starving artist trope

The first website I designed was a Weebly blog for my study abroad year, but I never had the guts to share the link with anyone. C’est triste. (That’s French for smh)

My husband is from the Amazon and we lived in Brazil for a few years after getting married. I love my second home and want it to be my primary home again someday

I hate that website templates are seen as a ticket to “passive income” online. The quality of templates has hit rock bottom. It’s one of the main reasons I do what I do

Since I was 6 I wanted to be a food chemist (yes, really. mermaid or princess was never the career dream), until I got to college and learned about this thing called “marketing” 

I love language! I speak 3, my husband speaks 2. We both have college degrees in a language and debate linguistics on the reg. “That’s not a real word” “Oh yeah? Google it”

I’ve traveled to 18 countries on 4 continents, and lived in 3 countries on 3 different continents. I used to be obsessed with travel but now I would much rather be at home! 🏠 ❤️

Jesus Christ is my personal savior and He has called me to a life of exalting His name! Everything I do is to bring Him glory & hopefully help you know Him better, too

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